YouTube is full of brands and businesses that have tried and failed to properly advertise their stuff on the platform. While some like to blame saturation over their failure to get their ad spend back, we believe that the real reason why so many don’t do well is because they just ‘set and forget’.

In this lesson we are going to discuss essential YouTube advertising best practices that any marketer has to apply to succeed in 2019 and beyond!

Put Up A Dynamic YouTube Channel

YouTube advertising doesn’t start and end with your video ads. Your channel is as important as your video ads, and you can use it as one step in your marketing funnel.

This is because a lot of the viewers that you’ll reach will be more curious about your other videos than about your brand or your products. To find more of your videos, they will go to your channel first instead of to your website. At that point they’ll become potential leads, and if you want to move them further into your funnel then you have to put a channel where they can spend some time learning more about your brand or products.

Some steps that you can take to put up a more dynamic channel include:

==> Adding a “Channel Trailer” to your channel’s homepage
==> Creating and uploading several “how to” and review videos
==> Creating weekly videos to discuss news in your niche industry
==> Creating Playlists
==> Optimizing your channel’s “About” page

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